ZenBlade – Quick VR Game Preview

ZenBlade – Quick VR Game Preview
ZenBlade (HTC Vive [Reviewed])
Developer: Atomic VR Inc.
Publisher: Atomic VR Inc.

ZenBlade is an addicting casual VR game that resembles Fruit Ninja! It is currently in early access.

I played the ZenBlade using the HTC Vive, and I felt like fruit and bombs are really flying at me, and I don’t know why, but I kept trying to jump away from the bombs even though they don’t hurt me.

There are two modes available. In timed mode, you play on a timer, and as the clock starts ticking down, you aim to get the highest score by slicing as much fruit as you can. In survival mode, you can’t let the fruit drop, when three fruit hit the floor, you lose. Slicing more fruit in one swing awards bonus points, but if you hit the bombs, you lose points!

I really love the sword mechanics! You have to swing hard enough to slice the fruit, and swing from the right angle. You can also knock bombs away with the hilt of the sword, and juggle fruit off the sides of the blade to set yourself up for better combos.

  • even in early access, the game is pretty polished
  • the room scaling is done very well – I had zero nausea!
  • moving around, and swinging the sword feels very natural – the sword play is very responsive, and extremely fun to use
  • the haptic feedback makes it feel like you’re actually slicing through the fruit
  • addictive gameplay, that is easy to learn, and fun for the whole family
  • taking turns and competing with friends locally is fun
  • repetitive gameplay that can get boring, especially if you’re playing alone
  • lacks content, there are only two modes available, but I expect more to be added before full release
  • no way to keep track of players top scores while playing locally with friends (maybe an option to save scores with initials could be added)

Playing Zenblade is addictive as you compete to get better scores. It is still in early access though, so I’d still like to see more modes added, maybe some where the fruit comes in from other directions, or fruit comes endlessly until you hit a certain number of bombs or a mode where you have to dodge the bombs before they kill you. Or maybe even something where armored fruit enemies come at you from all directions and you have to slice and stab them where they are vulnerable. Now that would be awesome!


So far, I’ve been playing with others for over 4 hours, and even though I’m absolutely terrible at the game, I’m still enjoying it. ZenBlade has a lot of potential, and I look forward to seeing what they do with it before the full release. Since I have been playing with others, I am satisfied with the purchase. But, if I had intended to play alone, I would have waited for more content to be added or a slight sale price.