The Walking Dead: Michonne (Episode 2: Give No Shelter) – Quick Game Review

The Walking Dead: Michonne (Episode 2: Give No Shelter) – Quick Game Review
The Walking Dead: Michonne (Episode 2: Give No Shelter) (PC [Reviewed], XBO, PS4, Android, iOS, MAC)
Developer: Telltale Games
Publisher: Telltale Games

This is the second part in a three part Telltale miniseries. Part one for Episode 1: In Too Deep can be viewed here.

The gameplay in episode 2 allows you to move around, and interact with things more frequently than in episode 1, but you still don’t get to move around freely much though, since you are basically on rails. You still get to make choices with your dialog, and episode 2 makes you feel like you have  a little more control over the story than Episode 1 did, but I remain skeptical that these choices will make a difference in the final episode.

  • controller support is available
  • the audio is great (music is good, sound effects are on point, and the voice acting is done well)
  • enjoyable animation style that is consistent with other seasons of The Walking Dead
  • episode 2 feels a little bit more exciting since you get to move around more, and the decisions seem like they have slightly more impact
  • 4 different save slots to try different decisions
  • cannot customize controls (but the defaults will be fine for most people)
  • still several noticeable jitters in the graphics (even more than in episode 1)
  • you still can’t speed up or skip any cut scenes
  • the story continues in episode 2 but it doesn’t feel like it accomplishes much, and I question some of the events that happened
  • there still isn’t much information revealed about Michonne’s family history
  • episode 2 is even shorter than episode 1 (it took just over 1 hour)

I played episode 2 twice, and I’m still enjoying the game so far, but I feel like they could have done a lot more with it. I am still looking forward to seeing how the finale plays out, but I am disappointed that they haven’t shown more about Michonne’s history, and I seriously question some of the events that happened in episode 2. If you’re a fan of Michonne or The Walking Dead, you would probably still enjoy this game. However, with the lack of content starting to show, and silly decisions that the characters are making, I suggest waiting for a decent sale price.