The Technomancer – Quick Game Review

The Technomancer – Quick Game Review
The Technomancer (PC [Reviewed], XBO, PS4)
Developer: Spiders
Publisher: Focus Home Interactive

The Technomancer is a third-person RPG adventure that takes place on Mars in a post apocalyptic world.

You play as a technomancer, and you possess electrical powers, in addition to your traditional fighting skills. Mars is war-torn, and there is conflict between many of the factions, and you are trying to fight for peace and justice in any way you deem necessary. You make choices, that have an effect on the final outcome of the game. The story was decent, and it made sense, but I didn’t find myself fully immersed in the plotline. There were a few interesting characters, but for the most part, I just didn’t feel a connection with many of them, especially the protagonist (possibly due to the voice acting).

  • the story is decent, well thought out, and it makes sense
  • graphics are great (except character animations); the environments are decent sized areas, that really create a good post apocalyptic atmosphere
  • there is a good amount of skill, and upgrade customization to choose from to best suit your desired playstyle
  • there are 3 different combat stances, that you could quickly change between while fighting; each stance has its own weapons, and special ability
  • the game provides a good amount of content, and there are sufficient side quests that you can do that give some insight into some of the companions
  • character speaking animations are not in sync with what’s actually being said
  • stance-dancing is impractical because it takes several skill points in one tree to feel the least bit effective in combat (also, there is no way to respec from what I can tell)
  • the slow motion animations during combat are insanely annoying, and completely disruptive to the flow of combat – there is absolutely no reason to have slow motion constantly happening, even if you completely miss the target or not even get a killing blow; it was just irritating and pointless
  • can’t change out some companions when on certain side quests (and there’s no way to abandon it either)
  • combat is extremely frustrating at times (especially early on before getting combat skills upgraded), but even after having everything upgraded, enemies will sometimes swarm, box you in, and you will die
  • some of the music was good, but the music in many parts is repetitive, and not very enjoyable – the music choice during a lot of the combat does not pump you up; however, the semi-annoying music is well suited for the semi-annoying combat system

The crafting was a bit disappointing though. It was easy to use, but it was only helpful to create consumables, and some minor upgrades for your gear. I would have liked to have actually crafted my own gear specific to my character build since agility gear was hard to come by, but I never once found any crafting recipes.

Most of the time the voice acting was fine, but some characters weren’t acted as well as others, and there was definitely room for improvement. It sometimes took a while to kill things since my damage felt very weak compared to the enemy’s. I went heavy rogue build, but I was disappointed to find out that stealth was basically useless throughout the game. I would just dodge roll over and over, fire off my gun, and other technomancer abilities when they were off cooldown, and land one of my two melee attacks whenever possible. I did my best to avoid combat whenever possible by running through enemies, and hoping they dropped aggro. I would have liked to have seen some really cool finishing moves to go with the slow mo, and more attack abilities with unique animations within each stance.

You get two companions to accompany you, and fight with you. Like most games with AI companions, they would sometimes get in the way, and sometimes get caught on the terrain, or other AIs, but it wasn’t so often that I needed to dismiss them. They were tolerable to keep around, and they helped me not get swarmed by enemies as quickly. However, they were just a temporary distraction while I picked off as many enemies as I could before they would inevitably die.


The Technomancer took me roughly 14 hours to finish, and it had a good amount of content. The game does have some issues, and the combat was not as enjoyable as it could have been. I can see people raging, and giving up after dying a lot in the early game, and it’s understandable why they would because I felt discouraged at times as well. The Technomancer was an alright game; it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great, nor was it a memorable experience either.