The Final Station – Quick Game Review

The Final Station – Quick Game Review
Final Station (PC [Reviewed])
Developer: Oleg Sergeev , Andrey Rumak, Do My Best
Publisher: tinyBuild

The Final Station is a 2D survival adventure where you are the conductor of a train that you must maintain, and keep moving onward to the next station.

While on the train, you need to keep up on repairs on only one train component at a time, as well as tend to your passengers with food and med kits. You can also craft ammo and med kits with the spare parts you’ve scavenged. The journey from one station to the next gets tedious quickly and every trip is essentially the same.

You will need to explore each station you arrive at, and find the key code to unblock the train, in order to depart for the next station. Since supplies are fairly limited, it is strongly recommended to search the area thoroughly. Watch out for for the infected hordes though, as there will be plenty of them to kill or avoid. There is a fair amount of combat at most stations, but I’m a little disappointed that there was never any on the train.

  • combat is enjoyable, and can certainly keep you on your toes
  • pixel style graphics look decent: the environments are nice, and the character animation is alright
  • audio is very good, and the superb atmosphere created by the music, and ambience is definitely the highlight of the game
  • the story is intriguing enough that you’ll want to continue to the next station, despite the repetition
  • crafting system is quick and easy, and gives you something else to do while travelling, as well as another reason to explore
  • very dissatisfying ending
  • many of the characters are too similar, and even as you explore the different infected buildings, everything just feels like more of the same
  • some parts of the story were a little confusing, but as you explore and read more notes, the pieces start to come together; however, the ending is very unsatisfying
  • when the passengers talk amongst themselves, it’s easy to miss the dialog while I was repairing the train, and catering to the passengers
  • managing the train is repetitive, tedious, and lacks any form of complexity (When I first saw this game, I thought it would be similar to FTL, where there would be more complexity with keeping the train running, and maybe even decisions about managing the different survivors the story is very linear, the train ride between stations gets mundane, and even though the map shows other stations, you can never choose where to go.)
  • lack control customization (but most will be ok with the defaults)
  • small gripe with combat is the inability to aim vertically because it makes killing things near ladders a nuisance

The game took me just over 4 hours to complete, and aside from achievements, I can’t see any reason to want to replay it.

The Final Station isn’t a bad game, but it starts feeling repetitive quite early on. I didn’t hate the game by any means, but I feel like they could have done a lot more with it. It needs something more to keep the train rides and exploration fresh and exciting because doing the same tasks over and over gets stale quickly. Then you top it all off with the actual ending, it’s disappointing, and I find it hard to recommend the game, especially at full price.

Review copy was provided by the developer.


  • Bob Dobblena

    The ending really sucked!