The Descendant (Episode 1-3) – Quick Game Review [UPDATED]

The Descendant (Episode 1-3) – Quick Game Review [UPDATED]
The Descendant (PC [Reviewed])
Developer: Gaming Corps AB
Publisher: Gaming Corps AB

The Descendant (Episode 1-3) is a casual, story rich, point and click adventure game that takes place on 2 different timelines.

In The Descendant, you play as two different characters, one from the past timeline, and one from the present. So far, the game is a user-friendly point and click adventure, where you can only interact with objects in the proper sequence. The objectives are fairly straightforward. You can inspect various objects, but you can’t pick up anything that isn’t your current objective. The game has a few puzzles, but so far, nothing too complex. In between the point and click gameplay, there are choices in dialog selection, and other things that require you to react.

The story starts after a near-human extinction event, with what’s left of humanity trying to wake the survivors and rebuild. You don’t really know what exactly happened, but the mystery very intriguing.  When the episode ends, you probably won’t want to stop playing.

For the most part, your decisions in episode 1 seem to have the same or very similar outcome, but there was one set of actions that I did on my 3rd playthrough that resulted in a slightly different ending. It’s hard to say right now how much of an impact this will have on the later episodes, but decisions made in previous episodes are acknowledged in Episode 3. I still don’t know why more save slots haven’t been added though; I would like to play episode 2 again to try out different decisions, but I’m afraid it will make me start over. UPDATED!

  • nice graphics style, that is very similar to many of Telltale’s games
  • really good narrative, and the sound effects and voice acting were done well UPDATED: Voice acting has been redone, and it’s even better!
  • playing in the past timeline as well as the present timeline is a great way to understand the backstory (it’s a nice change from just finding objects or notes for information)
  • really intriguing story, that will leave you wanting more
  • the controls cannot be changed and there is no controller support
  • a couple minor graphical issues: in some scenes the view seemed to jump/flicker to a different view, and there was also a door that after you blow it off the hinges, the door comes off as a different shape than where it came from
  • there was sometimes a delay after interacting with objects before you could click on the back button and start moving again UPDATED: Fixed!
  • characters sometimes walk in small circles when attempting to interact with some objects, and they also walk too slow in many areas
  • game forces you to replay episode 1 & 2 before starting episode 3 (even though I already completed those episodes multiple times)
  • STILL only 1 save slot, so it makes it a lot harder to replay to test out different choices UPDATED: Now 3 save slots!

Both Episode 1, 2 & 3 each take 30-60 minutes to complete, depending on the player, and what decisions are made. You can replay the game to try making other decisions, but you can’t skip any of the cut scenes, so it is repetitive. Also, there was one part in episode 2 that I didn’t agree with, and I would have liked to have had a choice to let me choose otherwise, but it doesn’t change my review.


I don’t know exactly how long the next two episodes will be, but if they last about the same as the first episode, I can see waiting for a slight sale even though it’s priced similarly to some other Telltale adventure games. I am looking forward to finding out what happened, I hope the following episodes don’t take too long to release. You might want to wait for all the episodes to release because you will most likely be left wanting more story immediately.