The Bunker – Quick Game Review

The Bunker – Quick Game Review
The Bunker – Quick Game Review (PC [Reviewed], PS4)
Developer: Splendy Interactive , Wales Interactive
Publisher: Green Man Gaming Publishing

The Bunker is an atmospheric full motion video (FMV) adventure with an interesting story that plays like an interactive movie.

You play as John, and you are the last man alive in the nuclear bunker. You adhere to the daily routine, until one day, things start to go wrong. The game is story rich, and as you move through areas of the bunker, you have flashbacks of your once repressed childhood memories. These memories fill in the backstory, and reveal the hidden truths that lie within the bunker. 

As far as the gameplay goes, your interaction is done using the mouse, kind of like a live action point and click adventure. You click to move and interact with objects. Expect a lot of cinematics, but as the story progresses, there are times where you can choose to react, and then other times where you must react and click things quickly.

  • the linear story is very intriguing, and it’s definitely one of those games that you start playing, and will want to finish in the same sitting
  • very atmospheric – the game is actually filmed in an old nuclear bunker; between the location  and all the outdated technology, the time period in the game feels authentic
  • the script is well written, the characters are all believable, and the acting is done well
  • the audio is great – the music, does an excellent job setting the mood throughout the game
  • the game is short for the price (it took me a bit over 2 hours), and lacks replay value, unless you missed some achievements

It’s been about 15 years since I’ve played a FMV style game, and they did a really good job with The Bunker. It feels like an interactive movie, where you’re more heavily invested in the story and its characters because you are directly controlling it. This style of game isn’t for everyone, but those who enjoy interactive, story rich adventures will most likely enjoy this game as well. I’m pleased with the overall experience, and my only real complaint about it is that I wish it had been cheaper since it is a short game.