Superhot – Quick Game Review

Superhot – Quick Game Review
Superhot (PC [Reviewed], XBO, Linux, MAC)
Developer: SUPERHOT Team
Publisher: SUPERHOT Team

In SUPERHOT, you control time! It’s more of puzzle game than a FPS though because you need to have patience to plan your movements. If you rush in, you will likely die. When you stop moving, time nearly haults as well. You can use this time manipulation to dodge bullets, narrowly avoiding death as you destroy all of the enemies in each level. Throw weapons or various objects to block bullets and disarm your enemies, hot switch to change places with one of your enemies, leaving them to die instead of you.

  • interesting and intriguing story (it took me about 3.5 hours for the main story)
  • awesome, fun, and unique gameplay
  • lots of content after the main story (different challenges, time trials, endless modes)
  • easy to upload and share your replays to Superhot’s killstagram.com right in the game
  • not a whole lot of menu options (lacks fullscreen windowed, controls)
  • SUPER HOT repeating voice gets annoying after each level

Overall, the story was well done, and the gameplay was very enjoyable. This game has a lot to offer, and you can pull off some really crazy plays. If you enjoy challenge modes, timed modes, and/or endless modes, this game is certainly worth the full price. However, if you intend to play ONLY the main story, I suggest waiting for a sale.