RIVE – Quick Game Review

RIVE – Quick Game Review
RIVE (PC [Reviewed], PS4)
Developer: Two Tribes
Publisher: Two Tribes Publishing

RIVE is a challenging twin stick shooter combined with an action platformer.

You are trapped on a spaceship, and you travel around in your robot, blasting everything to bits as you try to find fuel and a way back home. The story was straightforward, and there was more story, and dialog than I had anticipated given the genre of the game. 

The fast paced gameplay is very good, and the game switches up the level types to keep things interesting. I played with the mouse and keyboard, but using a controller is probably a better idea. I admit that I’m not the greatest at these types of games, but wow, I died so much. Some parts of the game are very difficult. Despite my innumerable deaths, I really enjoyed it. If you die enough the game suggests that you put it on to a ‘soft mode’ instead of the default ‘hard mode.’ I was stubborn, and put it off as long as I could, but part way through mission 9, I had to change it to soft mode. 

  • solid platforming levels, and the areas with zero gravity give a good multi-directional twin stick shooter experience
  • level designs, boss encounters, and swarms of enemies are exciting, and you always have to be on your guard
  • combat feels good, and hacking enemies to control them is a neat feature
  • graphics looks great; good environments, and nice colours
  • all of the audio is well done, everything from the music to the sound effects to the voice acting; the dialog and voice acting really bring the game to life, and gave it a lot of character
  • speed-run, and single credit modes become available once you finish the campaign, and there are lots of achievements, and leader boards for those who fancy that sort of thing
  • you can’t tell where the checkpoints are, and sometimes when the game loads, you have barely any time to react, and will sometimes die immediately, which was a bit frustrating when it happened – there were a couple spots in the game where I had to restart the the whole mission because it felt impossible for me to progress with the current save
  • the protagonist talks a lot, and some might find it annoying (I wasn’t bothered by it though)
  • this game is definitely not for casual players – soft mode is still challenging, and I got still stuck on some parts; if it wasn’t for soft mode, I don’t think I would have been able to finish the game (which took me about 7.5 hours playing the last quarter of the game on soft mode)

The overall package RIVE is excellent. The way it combines twin stick shooting with platforming is impeccable. I found it to be quite a challenging game though, and those who enjoy a well-made,  challenging game will almost definitely enjoy RIVE. 

Review copy was provided by the developer.