Tyler: Model 005 – Early Access Review

Tyler: Model 005 – Early Access Review
Tyler: Model 005 (PC [Reviewed])
Developer: Reversed Interactive
Publisher: Reversed Interactive

Tyler: Model 005 is a third person platformer with action and exploration. The game is currently in early access on Steam. You play as a tiny robot named Tyler. After a long dormant period, you are powered up by a storm. There isn’t much of the story implemented yet, but I am curious as to what happened to Tyler’s creator. Now that you have been powered up, you will need to keep your batteries charged by regenerating them by standing in the light. 


As you explore, you’ll encounter enemy creatures to fight. Combat is simple, and the enemies will chase you, and kill you if you aren’t careful. Killing enemies, and completing quests earns you xp, and levels to unlock character customization cards, and passive bonuses like movement or climbing speed.

Explore to find cards and collectibles that you can dress up Tyler in to give you new passive and active abilities. I really like the system, and it does make me want to investigate all the nooks and crannies and collect everything. At the same time though, I found the controls somewhat off-putting to the point where they squelched some of my desire to explore. 


  • lots of exploration and collectibles to find; the rewards for exploring are satisfying with cute new costumes (some of which give new abilities)
  • interesting mechanic using the light to charge up – it makes you want to plan out your route before venturing into dark areas
  • environments look absolutely fantastic, and the character designs and the costumes are adorable
  • immersive atmosphere with good ambience, music, and fitting sound effects, and okay voice acting
  • controls feel clunky, and unresponsive at times when climbing and grabbing onto ledges (and there is a lot of climbing and jumping required)
  • (nitpick) attacking once makes you swing twice and move in the direction you’re facing, and it can put you out of position or make you fall off shelves
  • (nitpick) some of the lighting effects can be a bit distracting, and a bit blinding at times (i.e. the lanterns)
  • (nitpick) only partial keyboard customization and partial controller support presently, but according to the developer, full controller support should be implemented within the first month


I played the game for about an hour and a half. I finished the available story quests, but I wasn’t able to find anywhere near all the collectibles. Some of the costume pieces are in obvious locations, while others are hidden much better, and in harder locations to reach.


Tyler: Model 005 is very polished in the audio and graphics department, but the platforming mechanics need improvement. The small amount of story that there is, as well as the exploration and collectibles are off to good start. This game has potential, and will likely appeal to those who enjoy exploring and collecting things. Tyler: Model 005 is a game that’s worth keeping an eye on.

Review copy was provided by the developer.