Titanfall 2 – Quick Game Review

Titanfall 2 – Quick Game Review
Titanfall 2 (PC [Reviewed], PS4, Xbox One,)
Developer: Respawn Entertainment
Publisher: Electronic Arts

Titanfall 2 is a very fluid, fast-paced first person shooter that has both a single player campaign and multiplayer modes.

In the single player campaign, there is an ongoing war between a large corporation called the IMC, and the militia. The IMC is seeks to destroy entire planets with an ultimate weapon to end the militia and take control over the Frontier. You play as Jack Cooper, who is a member of the militia. You aspire to fight in the war against the IMC on the front lines, and you have been receiving unauthorized training from your captain. When one of the militia’s attacks on the IMC goes wrong, you and your team are overwhelmed by enemy forces resulting in many casualties. A massive titan named BT is left without a pilot and his mission incomplete. Without having completed the proper training, you sync up with BT and become his pilot, taking on the mission to stop the IMC from using the planetary destruction weapon.

titanfall02 Titanfall 2’s campaign has a good balance between gameplay with your titan, and as a pilot when your titan is unavailable. The times you are not able to use your titan usually make sense within the game’s story, and playing as a pilot or controlling the titan are both thoroughly enjoyable experiences. As a pilot outside of a titan, the movement and combat are a lot of fun. You’ll be constantly sprinting, double jumping, sliding, and wall running all over the place while shooting enemies, blowing them up into bits, and performing melee executions on them. Constant movement is always encouraged to avoid enemy projectiles, and it makes for some very fast, fluid, and overall awesome gameplay.

Controlling BT makes you feel totally badass. By using abilities, and massive weapons, you can completely annihilate enemy troops, and reign destruction upon enemy titans as you make your way through the campaign. There are different titan loadouts with unique skills that you will discover as you progress, and you can equip a different titan loadout at any time. The titan combat is a blast, and the boss fights are intense. Keep in mind though, your titan is not invincible, so if BT dies or if you die, you will need to reload an autosave checkpoint.


In both the multiplayer and single player, there are plenty of pilot weapons, skills, and grenades to use. In single player, you’ll be able to pick up enemy weapons, and you will need to change weapons as you run out of ammo for your current weapons. In multiplayer, there is a progression system where you will unlock various weapons, weapon mods, titan loadouts, and skills for both pilots and titans.

Multiplayer is a lot of fun, and there are several different game modes available. You can opt to queue for as many or as few of them as you’d like. There are a few modes that pop a lot more often, and other modes that seem almost dead. I’m not going go into detail about all of the different game modes, but the few that modes that seemed to pop more frequently were attrition, pilot vs. pilot, titan brawl, and capture the flag. In attrition, your team has to earn points by killing players, and enemy AI units that spawn. The capture the flag mode is exactly what you would expect, and you have to retrieve the enemy flag and bring it back to your base, while protecting your own flag. In both attrition and capture the flag, you play as a pilot, but are able call in your titan when it becomes ready. The pilot vs. pilot mode has no titans at all, and it plays like a team death match, and the first team to score the required number of kills wins. Titan brawl is similar to the pilot vs. pilot mode in terms of ruleset, but instead of playing as a pilot, you are always in a titan.


  • extremely fun, fast-pcaed, fluid gameplay with excellent combat, and satisfying executions
  • lots of different weapons and titan loadouts to choose use
  • story is very enjoyable, and the characters are great – not just the hero characters like Cooper and BT, but the villains are excellent as well, and the dialog is between them is entertaining
  • several multiplayer modes available, and you can opt in to as many (or few) of them as you’d like
  • progression speed in multiplayer feels reasonable, and the better you play, the faster you will level, and earn currency – you can use the currency you earn while playing to unlock items prior to their level requirements
  • graphics look fantastic; the environments have a nice aesthetic, and there’s a variety of visuals and level designs across the different multiplayer maps and the campaign levels, and the character and titan animations are really good
  • solid performance
  • all aspects of the audio are excellent: the music is great, the sound effects are on point, and the voice acting is done incredibly well
  • the controls are fully customizable, and there is full controller support
  • good replay value with the multiplayer modes
  • multiplayer on PC has long queue times due to a much lower player base than on consoles (i.e. even queuing for all modes, it still seems to take at least 5 minutes, and being more selective with your mode picks can sometimes result in over 15 minute waits for one single match)
  • (nitpick) the game needs a windowed borderless mode because alt-tabbing is very slow, and it would be nice to be able to quickly tab out while waiting for the multiplayer queue pops
  • (nitpick) not everything is immediately available to you in multiplayer, so some players may not like having to unlock all the different weapons and utilities
  • (nitpick) the main campaign is a bit on the short side (it took me almost 5 hours to complete)



It’s a real shame that Titanfall 2 released so soon after Battlefield 1, and I do think it’s an under-appreciated title. Titanfall 2 has fantastic combat both in the multiplayer and the awesome (but short) single player campaign. With that being said, I wish the queue times on PC were shorter. Also, if you’re only interested in playing the single player campaign, then waiting for a sale price would be a good idea.