Tacoma – Quick Game Review

Tacoma – Quick Game Review
Tacoma (PC [Reviewed], Xbox One, MAC OS, Linux)
Developer: Fullbright
Publisher: Fullbright

Tacoma is a story driven sci-fi walking simulator from the creators of Gone Home.

You are sent to Tacoma space station to investigate the crew that lived and worked on the station, and what happened to them when faced with disaster. You learn about each character on the station, and even a bit about how their lives were back on Earth. I found it was a good balance of detail, plenty to help me get to know each character, but not so much as to become tedious. 

tacoma03 The bulk of the gameplay is watching and listening to the crew member’s past interactions with each other as it’s presented using the station’s 3D surveillance system, and see how the characters develop and how the story plays out. Different crew members interactions run parallel to one another. It’s pretty neat to see the story from different perspectives, and make use of the rewind and fast-forward to make sure you don’t miss out on any details.

The rest of the gameplay entails moving around the station, reading documents and other correspondences, and interacting with just about any object you’d like to. There are some clues you will need to find to unlock specific door codes, but there’s not much in the way of difficulty.


  • good, genuine characters and good character development
  • a great story, that is thoroughly enjoyable and is sure to have you invested in it
  • unique storytelling mechanic where character conversations are happening in parallel to one another, and you can pause, rewind, and fast-forward it
  • the environments look great, and the animated characters being faceless coloured models are presented well, and fit nicely with the story
  • the music and sound effects are all done very well
  • the characters feel genuine, and the voice acting is excellent throughout the game
  • the keybindings are fully customizable and there is full controller support


  • (nitpick) a bit on the short side with (~2 hours) for the price, and as far as the replay value goes, aside from going back for missed achievements, there isn’t really any

Tacoma is all about its characters and the overall story. I find the price tag a little hefty for how short it is, but the game is a quality product. If you enjoy walking simulators, especially ones that provide good, and immersive story experiences, then you’ll likely enjoy Tacoma.

Press copy was provided for this review.