Snake Pass – Quick Game Review

Snake Pass – Quick Game Review
Snake Pass (PC [Reviewed], PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch)
Developer: Sumo Digital
Publisher: Sumo Digital

Snake Pass is a well-polished platforming adventure with unique character functionality. You play as a snake named Noodle. You slither around with the aid of your bird pal trying to repair the destruction to your homeland by fixing all of the gateways. The story is told through text, and there isn’t much else to say about it.

Snake Pass features character control and movement, that looks and feels as if it’s actually simulating a snake. The way you slither by moving side to side along the ground, or how you can coil your entire body around just about everything in the environment is a really great. It’s pretty awesome to have so much interaction within the environment as you scale up and around bamboo poles and other terrain to make your way through the levels. You also have a bird companion to help guide you, and he can also help you out buy lifting up your tail.

snakepass01 Aside from the snake simulation, the game has a large focus on exploration and collecting. There are only 3 main items that you have to collect to finish the chapter, but each level is chock-full of items to find. These collectibles are not mandatory, but trying to find and get all of them is meant to be a large portion of the game. Some will be easy to get, while others will likely have you dying several times before you succeed.

Dying causes you to lose any progress since the last checkpoint. These checkpoints can be activated as many times as you’d like, but there are times where you’ll probably wish there were a few more checkpoints available.


  • fantastic level design, with lots of exploring and climbing to find a multitude of collectibles sprawled over 4 diverse worlds, and 15 different chapters
  • slithering your way through the levels is awesome; the movement and controls are extremely responsive and feel precise, but they will take some time to master
  • nice visuals, wonderful environments, and the most adorable snake ever; Noodle is such a distinct character, and his animations make him all the more loveable
  • gradual increase in difficulty from child’s play to snake-death simulator 2017
  • check points, no time limit, and infinite respawns (this may be too casual for some)
  • excellent upbeat music, and well done sound effects throughout the game
  • keyboard and mouse controls are all customizable, and there is full controller support – using a controller is easier and smoother (but I didn’t realize that until after finishing the game using the mouse and keyboard)
  • the camera angles can be a little problematic, and a bit of a nuisance at times (especially in tight spots)
  • (nitpick) bird pal doesn’t always listen right away when you command him to pick up your tail
  • (nitpick) there’s not much to the story


It took me over 8 hours to complete the game while gathering 87% of all the collectibles. The last few levels kicked my ass so hard, and I died so, so much there. After finishing the campaign, you unlock snake vision, and can go back and find any collectibles you missed earlier, or even test out your slithering skills on the timed runs.


Snake Pass is an endearing platformer with a unique game design that is executed well. Don’t be fooled by the overwhelming cuteness though, because behind the relaxed demeanor, some parts are sure to challenge you. If you’re looking for something with fresh mechanics to try, and enjoy exploring and collecting, you might want to check out Snake Pass.

Press copy was provided for this review.