Silence – Quick Game Review

Silence – Quick Game Review
Silence (PC [Reviewed], PS4, XBO)
Developer: Daedalic Entertainment
Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment

Silence is a beautifully crafted blend of point and click adventure and cinematic storytelling. The story revolves around Noah and Renie, two siblings that were forced to seek shelter in a bunker as bombs started dropping. The two become trapped in a world between life and death called Silence, but this seemingly wonderful world has conflict and threats of its own. I don’t want to go into too much detail about the story because I don’t want to give any spoilers. 


Some people have referred to ‘Silence’ as ‘The Whispered World 2.’ The story takes place in the same fantasy dream world that The Whispered World did, has some of the same characters, and talks about some parts of the story in the first game. I did not played the first game, so I won’t be making any comparisons between the games. You don’t need any knowledge at all about The Whispered World to enjoy Silence.

The game is very cinematic. There are many times where you will just be watching the cutscenes. Other times, the game plays as an interactive story where you get to do a few actions, or make dialog choices, but the dialog choices don’t seem to have much, if any, impact on the story. I enjoyed the cinematic style of the game, but it’s probably not going to appeal to everyone.


The point and click adventure gameplay is linear, and you cannot complete objectives out of order. I really like that you can take control of both Noah and Renie, as well as Spot (the most adorable sidekick ever!) You manipulate Spot’s body, and use him quite a bit to solve puzzles. I love Spot, he is absolutely adorable; total cuteness overload!

Before playing the game, I had some concerns about the point and click adventure gameplay; I sometimes miss the smallest little detail and winds up getting stuck in point and click games. Fortunately, I enjoyed all the puzzles, and the gameplay in Silence. I never experienced any frustration while playing.


  • enjoyable combination of cinematic story telling, interactive story, and point and click adventure
  • art style is absolutely stunning; gorgeous environments, and the character design looks phenomenal, with almost all of the character animations done extremely well
  • excellent audio quality: the voice acting, sound effects, and ambience are all done very well, and the soundtrack has superb orchestral music
  • the story is a fascinating journey with emotional ups and downs
  • there is a hint system that shows what the current objective is, and which items can be interacted with (you can turn this off, or only activate it as needed)
  • short game for the price (it took me about 4.5-5 hours, and with the story being linear, there isn’t really any replay value unless you want achievements)
  • while I was satisfied with the difficulty, some people will want more difficult point and click gameplay and puzzles
  • (nitpick) having the separate volume sliders for all the audio was great, but there were a few times where the voice audio seemed to be quieter than it usually was (it made it a little more difficult to hear, but it didn’t happen very often, and I could still make out what they were saying)
  • (nitpick) character’s mouth movements could be improved to better to sync up with their dialog



Silence is truly a work of art. It’s an exquisitely crafted game combining amazing audio and visuals, a fascinating cinematic story, and point and click adventure gameplay. All in all, the game is done extremely well, and worth playing, but it’s also expensive. I fully expect that the hefty price tag will make many people want to wait for a discount.