Maize – Quick Game Review

Maize – Quick Game Review
Maize (PC [Reviewed])
Developer: Finish Line Games
Publisher: Finish Line Games

Maize is a first person adventure game about sentient corn, and the scientists who developed them.

The game starts off with you being dragged around by corn, and then waking up in the corn field without any idea of what just happened. I was very curious about this sentient corn, and how it came to be. As you venture into the research facility, the story focuses more on the scientist’s overly dramatic relationship with each, rather than the how or why of the whole situation, so expect to read a lot of dialog on post-it notes from these two. By the end, I find myself left wanting more details about the sentient corn, and I think they could have done more with the story.

The gameplay is mostly what you would expect from a first person adventure game, but with a lot more of a walking simulator feel to it. You’ll need to walk around, explore, and find objects to complete tasks to unlock other areas and progress. There’s not much difficulty in completing these objectives since you can see the shape of the objects that you need to find, and the objects also have hints on them about what their use might be.


After a little progression, you get a sidekick named Vladdy. He’s a sentient teddy bear that you’ll need to do some tasks for you. In contrast to Vladdy, the different corn characters were amusing, and entertaining at times, so I liked them, and would have liked to have seen more of them.

  • interesting concept, and the corn characters are amusing, and will likely lead so some smiles at the sheer ridiculousness of it all
  • there are quite a few collectibles to find, and some of the flavour text is amusing
  • graphics look good for the most part, and there are more environments than you’d expected; some of them seemed out of place, but it fits the whole nonsensical theme of the game
  • music is fine throughout the game
  • voice acting is good for all of the characters
  • sound effects are mostly good, (except for the mechanical sound when Vladdy walks, which is a bit irritating)
  • short game with lacking in substance, and they could have done so much more with the story (it took me about 3-3.5 hours to finish, and that was with me finding and reading almost all of the collectibles)
  • obnoxious light bloom and flickering the lights all over the walls in a couple areas is hard on the eyes (more settings to adjust graphical effects would be nice – at least most areas were okay)
  • your sidekick Vladdy is extremely annoying, and he constantly insults you, and everything around you with the same lame phrases, like ‘stupid,’ ‘idiot,’ and ‘trash’ over and over again… (I know it’s intended that he’s got such a negative personality, but holy crap, he’s such a dick, and I just wanted him to shut up, and go away)
  • (nitpick) keybindings are not customizable, and there is only partial controller support
  • (nitpick) had a fatal error and crashed right before the end (no progress was lost)


Performance wise, I was usually able to maintain 60 fps on epic settings with some occasional drops (GTX 1070). 


Maize has a ridiculously fun and silly concept, and it’s definitely a game that doesn’t take itself seriously. The sheer goofiness of it all made me smile at times, but the constant overuse of the same insults gets very, very annoying. I also found the game to be lacking in content for the price, and I would have liked more depth to the story. Overall, it was an alright experience; it’s not great game, but it’s not a bad one either.