Dead by Daylight – The Halloween Chapter DLC – Quick Game Review

Dead by Daylight – The Halloween Chapter DLC – Quick Game Review
Dead by Daylight – The Halloween Chapter (DLC) (PC [Reviewed])
Developer: Behaviour Digitcal Inc.
Publisher: Starbreeze Studios

I originally reviewed Dead by Daylight back in June, (you can view it here in case you missed it). In this review will be talking about some of the changes made since release, as well as the new Halloween Chapter DLC that was recently added.

This is the second content DLC added since launch. The previous DLC was free, but this Halloween Chapter is a paid DLC. Each DLC contains a new killer, a new survivor, some perks and a new map for Dead by Daylight.

As the Killer:

In The Halloween Chapter, Michael Myers is the new killer that was added. Michael Myers is crazy fun to play. He feels like a very strong hybrid that’s a mix between The Hillybilly and The Wraith. His activated ability is called Evil Within, and it fun to use, and extremely effective. Evil Within ranks up as you stalk your enemies by staring at them. This also makes the survivors easy to see, which is extremely strong, and it can also be spammed, and maybe even abused.

At the first rank, you have an extremely small terror range. You also have a short attack range, but you can get incredibly close to survivors without the heartbeat warning them. At the second rank, your terror range increases, but it’s still a smaller range than the other killers. Your attack range is slightly increased as well. The third rank of Evil Within only lasts for a certain length of time. While it’s active you have a normal terror range, and you do twice the damage as usual. You’re able to knock healthy survivors down in one regular hit just like The Hillbilly does with his chainsaw attack. It’s super awesome, and he’s a really fun killer to play.

dbd03I’m not entirely sold on the Michael Myers’ perks though. They all revolve around one of the survivors who is randomly selected as your obsession target. The perks provide good stats, but I think that a lot of the effectiveness is going to come down to who your obsession is, and how skilled that player is. I don’t know, it just seems more random to me, and I would prefer having consistency.

As a Survivor:

Playing as a survivor against Michael Myers is scary as hell. With his reduced terror range at the start of games, you’ll be just repairing a generator, and BAM he just standing right there, less than 15 metres away from you, just staring at you building up his Evil Within. It’s extremely creepy, and it freaks me right out. As his Evil Within ranks up, you hear music play. You just know that he’s watching someone, and you really hope it isn’t you. Whenever he gets to rank 3, it’s usually best to just hide until you hear the music notifying you that the duration is up.

The new survivor that was added in The Halloween Chapter is Laurie Strode. She plays just like the other survivors, but has her own set of teachable perks. Her perks are pretty good, and they all increase her chance of survival and escaping from the killer. There’s one perk that  relies on being the killer’s obsession, so it’s completely hit or miss. I still really like Claudette’s self healing perk, but I for sure want to unlock and use the other two of Laurie’s perks.


  • Michael Myers is an extremely fun killer to play as (you can also try him out if you use the offering obtained from the killer’s bloodwebs)
  • Laurie Strode has a couple good teachable perks that help her to survive and escape the killer, but one perk can be completely hit or miss depending on who the killer is
  • the new map Haddonfield is a completely unique style compared to the current maps; there are lots of houses, hedges and fences to run around, and hide in making it easier to break line of sight while trying to escape, but at the same time, this layout also makes it easier for the killer to sneak up on you since you won’t always see him coming
  • the shrine that rotates in teachable perks rewards your time playing, and helps reduce the need to grind and level up each survivor
  • one of my complaints at launch was not being able to play with friends, and I am so glad that the survive with friends mode was added a while back, allowing players to queue together as survivors
  • some texture bugs, and a couple weird graphical glitches where survivors were looked like they were flopping through the air, and some of the bodies on hooks but weren’t hooked correctly (I’m surprised that some of these still aren’t fixed)
  • there are still times where you can’t interact with objects (i.e. unable to disarm a bear trap while it’s under someone that’s hooked)
  • sometimes there are killers that are AFK, and running macros or survivors disconnecting (some sort of report feature should added for AFK macroing would be a nice addition)
  • killers with bad ping cause survivors to lag into the walls and make them easier to kill (they should put in a way to see each other’s ping)
  • (nitpick) while the teachable perks are great, randomly obtaining them at different levels in the bloodweb can be annoying if you are unlucky
  • (nitpick) randomness with who the obsession target may make Michael Myer’s perks not completely reliable



I still love Dead by Daylight though, and I really like some of the changes that have been made since launch. Normally, I don’t buy DLC, but I’ve gotten a lot of enjoyment out of this game, and I wanted to support the developers, and see further development of this game. It’s a worthwhile DLC, and if you are a fan of the game, it’s a good pick up. There are still some bugs, and changes that could benefit the game. Overall though, it’s still a lot of fun.