Clockwork – Quick Game Review

Clockwork – Quick Game Review
Clockwork (PC [Reviewed])
Developer: Gamesoft
Publisher: Gamesoft

Clockwork is a puzzle platforming adventure where you progress through the levels by rewinding time to create copies of yourself.

You play as a young robot in possession of a pocket watch that comes to life helping you to bend time and repair the mechanical city. The game made me think of Braid a bit, but with fewer mechanics. The puzzles revolve around using copies of yourself to progress through the world. You create portals, and rewind time back to when the portal was created. When you rewind time, the previous version of you repeats all of your actions from the time the portal was activated. You are limited to the number of portals you can have active at once, but you can have more copies of yourself depending on how you use your portals. 

There are enemy robots that you need to avoid, and I died a lot on some of the more fast-paced levels. You’ll need to be especially quick on the boss levels, but at least those levels have checkpoints unlike the regular levels.

  • enjoyable puzzle mechanics, and the game gets more challenging as you progress
  • good level designs, and a nice mix of easy/slow paced puzzles with challenging/fast-paced ones
  • steampunk theme is persistent throughout the game, and the characters and environments all look good
  • most of the music is decent and relaxing (I’m so glad they revamped the music for release!)
  • the story is fine, but don’t expect closure
  • full controller support, and keyboard customization (I played part of the game with the mouse and keyboard, but found that using a controller was significantly easier)
  • a couple issues where your character can pass through closed platforms
  • enemy robots bug out and get stuck on the terrain fairly often
  • one of the levels bugged out on me and relaunching the game was required
  • (nitpick) character animations feel a little too slow when you are first grabbing onto the ladders and carrying boxes
  • (nitpick) characters speak to each other in their robot language, but the voices are annoying, especially the main character (they just repeat the same lines over and over; it’s repetitive and sometimes jarring when it stops abruptly) – a separate volume slider for just the voices would be a nice addition
  • (nitpick) there’s no way to delete your copies and portals without having to completely restart the level

The game took me about 6-6.5 hours, but it should not have taken me that long. With some of the bugs I encountered, I had to restart levels more often than I really needed to, not to mention having to relaunch the game.


I enjoyed the puzzle mechanics, and most of the puzzle gameplay. Anyone who enjoys puzzle platformers will likely enjoy this game. However, there are still some kinks that need to be worked out in order for Clockwork to live up to its full potential. Some of the issues I had encountered during my playthrough have already been fixed, and I look forward to seeing further updates in the near future.

Review copy was provided by the developer.