Aragami – Quick Game Review

Aragami – Quick Game Review
Aragami (PC [Reviewed], PS4)
Developer: Lince Works
Publisher: Lince Works

Aragami is a third person stealth adventure where you play as an undead assassin that has been invoked to seek vengeance.

You have been summoned by a girl with the purpose of infiltrating the army of light, and setting her free. Armed with your sword, and abilities to control the shadows, you must use your wits and powers to stay out of sight as you delve deeper into enemy territory. Whether you want to slay everyone that stands in your way, or move through the shadows completely unseen is entirely up to you. 

The game reminds me a lot of Mark of the Ninja except it’s in 3D, and has co-op capability. Using any of your shadow abilities consumes shadow essence, so you can’t just spam them until your heart’s content. You’ll need to stick to the shadows to regenerate your essence, and avoid the light that drains it. Being able to teleport to the shadows, and violently stab as many enemies as I could was super satisfying. You can avoid enemy attacks if you’re quick enough, but you will get one-shotted if you aren’t careful.

The AI was decent for the most part, and they would sound the alarm if you got sloppy. Leaving bodies around was usually how I got caught, so I do wish there was a way to move the corpses. Later on, you get the corpse vanish ability, so that helps a lot. I played using the mouse and keyboard, and while the controls lack customization, the default bindings still felt natural and responsive.

There is also some exploration to find scrolls that award upgrade points. You can unlock 6 different activated abilities, however, you can only equip one at a time. You’re also limited to having 2 charges for each ability, but you can replenish the charges by visiting a shrine.

  • shadow abilities are fun to use, and the kill animations are satisfying
  • consistent, and excellent stealth mechanics giving enjoyable stealth gameplay
  • exploration is rewarded with upgrade points; some of these upgrades are activated abilities that give the player more flexibility with their gameplay
  • decent graphics, with a nice art style; everything is elegantly designed, and visually appealing
  • music and sound effects are done well – the music is pleasant throughout the game, and also changes when you enter combat, so it feel even more exciting
  • story is decent (but a little too predictable)
  • some achievements require two playthroughs to complete, so there is some replay value
  • sometimes you will die while in the process of doing a combat animations, since you can’t cancel or move until it finishes
  • could use some higher difficulty settings because sometimes the AI takes way too long to react, and the guards are seemingly oblivious to missing allies and giant pools of blood (I’d expect playing in co-op be easier)
  • (nitpick) no English character voicing, but at least you can mute the other voice acting if you want; having to read the story doesn’t take away too much from the experience though
  • (nitpick) actions could be more fluid if you could have more than one ability bound at a time without having to change the selected skill

The game took me about 7.5 hours to finish, but I got stuck on a couple of levels when I was trying to do perfect runs. I’d expect people who are better at stealth games than I am could complete it quicker. Aragami is a solid stealth game with fun to use abilities. Whether you want to kill your way through the enemies, or sneak by undetected is entirely up to you. The AI could be more aware of their surroundings, but overall, it’s an enjoyable game. I’m completely satisfied with the purchase, and recommend it to anyone looking for a good stealth game.