Aporia: Beyond the Valley – Quick Game Review

Aporia: Beyond the Valley – Quick Game Review
Aporia: Beyond the Valley (PC [Reviewed], Mac OS)
Developer: Investigate North
Publisher: Green Man Gaming Publishing

Aporia: Beyond the Valley in an atmospheric exploration adventure with puzzles.

You wake up in this gorgeous world without any clear objectives. As you explore, and progress through the world, you learn about the story along the way. The story is told visually with animated projections. I love the way the story is told. With the game having absolutely no dialog or text, I admit that did feel a little uncertain about some of the details along the way, but overall I liked the story.

aporia04 The gameplay is largely that of a walking simulator with a focus on exploring the world and solving various puzzles to progress. The world can be explored freely, and to get the most out of Aporia, I definitely suggest exploring thoroughly. If you don’t, you might miss out on some of the story elements. I liked the exploration, but I regret not saving the game prior to hitting the point of no return because now I can’t go back to explore the island further.


You have a tube of glowing liquid that’s required for unlocking doors, and growing vines to climb. This fluid is consumed when you use it, so you’ll need to keep refilling by finding more supply around the world.

As far as the puzzles go, some of the puzzles might make you stop and think for a bit, but overall they aren’t very difficult. There really aren’t that many puzzles either, so I was hoping for there to be more, but Aporia seems to focus more on creating an immersive world to enjoy rather than throwing an abundance of puzzles at you.


  • good story with lovely visual story telling with animated projections
  • the environments are diverse and immersive with absolutely gorgeous and stunning visuals
  • fantastic ambience and superb soundtrack that sets a very calming and relaxing mood where you can just sit back and enjoy the world
  • performance is excellent
  • full controller support
  • with the game having absolutely no dialog or text, some details of the story might not be
  • (nitpick) some people will want more (and/or more difficult) puzzles
  • (nitpick) keyboard controls are not customizable (WASD, F, Ctrl, Space, Mouse)


The game took me about 4 hours, and as long as you explore thoroughly, there isn’t much in the way of replay value unless you want to just bask in the game’s beauty.


Aporia: Beyond the Valley is a good game, and I expect those enjoy walking around, exploring, and soaking in a beautiful immersive world would like Aporia. With that being said, I personally would have liked a lot more puzzles, so I’m glad I got Aporia at a sale price.