Reveal the Deep – Quick Game Review

Reveal the Deep – Quick Game Review
Reveal the Deep (PC [Reviewed])
Developer: Lazy Monday Games
Publisher: Lazy Monday Ltd

Reveal the Deep is a casual atmospheric exploration game. If you enjoy exploring the unknown, then you will most likely appreciate this game.

The game completely revolves around exploration, and finding out where you need to go, and then how to get there. You move around underwater and explore the sunken ship. Wherever you are facing with your light is all that you can see. You can turn your light off or on, and you will sometimes see different things or different paths you can take to keep progressing.

  • sound effects in the game REALLY set the atmosphere and make the game what it is
  • great use of lighting that fits really well to keep the atmosphere set by the audio
  • interesting story, if you took the time to explore and learn the backstory
  • lacks control customization, and controller support
  • lacks replay value if you explored thoroughly on the first play-through

It took me less than an hour and a half to complete all 3 chapters, while trying to explore everything I could. The game is short, but the price is less than a dollar. I bought the game during a sale, and I feel that I got my money’s worth.