Pavilion – Quick Game Review

Pavilion – Quick Game Review
Pavilion – Quick Game Review (PC [Reviewed], PS4, PSVita)
Developer: Visiontrick Media
Publisher: Visiontrick Media

Pavilion is a fourth person puzzle adventure, where you are thrown into a world that neither you or the character know anything about. This the first chapter of a two-part series.

At first, I was confused by the term ‘fourth person’, but in this game, you don’t actually control the main character. The character moves on his own, from one area to the next. You control certain objects in the environment, solving the puzzles in the correct sequence, to influence his movement, and guide him to the next objective. The puzzles vary in difficulty, but overall, I found them to be enjoyable. 

  • interesting puzzle gameplay where you manipulate the environment instead of the actual character
  • the game looks great with its beautiful hand-drawn environments
  • audio is decent, and most of the music is relaxing and enjoyable  (I think there were only two levels where I didn’t like the music as much – where it seemed louder, and not relaxing like the rest of the music)
  • some hidden objects you can discover if you want to explore (some achievements should be added to help encourage exploration though)
  • puzzles aren’t that difficult, so some will find it too easy
  • there isn’t much in the way of story for most of the game; by the end of the game, you start to get an idea of where the story could be going, but don’t expect closure since this is a two-part series
  • a minor issue where I needed to restart the level because my character wouldn’t move, and another more severe issue where I needed to relaunch the game because restarting the level didn’t fix it
  • there are some times where character doesn’t cooperate and path where you hope (usually this was on some of the timed puzzles where you needed more precise timing and positioning of objects)
  • nitpick: the game would benefit from the addition of keyboard customization and mouse support (especially for the timed events)
  • nitpick: it can sometimes be hard to tell which objects you can interact with though, but it makes sense since the game wants to figure everything out yourself

The game took me about 2.5 hours, but that time will vary depending on the player’s puzzle solving skills. Pavilion is a beautifully crafted game, with enjoyable (but not too difficult) puzzles. Manipulating the environment to guide the main character through is interesting, but the character pathing could use some minor tweaks on a couple of the levels. I do wish the game had been a bit longer though. I would have also liked to know more about the story because I wasn’t really satisfied with the little story there was. I liked the puzzles and game design though, so those alone are enough to make me want to play the next chapter when it releases next year.

Review copy was provided by the developer.