Metamorphic – Quick Game Review

Metamorphic – Quick Game Review
Metamorphic (PC [Reviewed])
Developer: Jeremy Slavitz
Publisher: Jeremy Slavitz

Metamorphic is a first person puzzle platformer inspired by games like Q.U.B.E. and Portal.

I’m a big fan of puzzle games, and I was thoroughly pleased with the puzzle gameplay in Metamorphic. Each puzzle chamber is unique, and designed well. There are different coloured blocks with different properties. You absorb the blocks with your gun, and you shoot them back out to place them almost anywhere you want, except on the dark blocks. You can walk through the green, and red blocks until you transform them into solid objects.

After I had finished a couple of the puzzles, I realized that I was doing the puzzle the WRONG way, or at least not the way it was intended, but hey, it still worked! Metamorphic reminds me a lot of Q.U.B.E. with its style, and gameplay. Although Metamorphic has fewer puzzle mechanics than Q.U.B.E. does, I found the gameplay was more satisfying, less twitch oriented, and seemingly more flexible in how you go about solving some of the puzzles.

  • puzzles are fun, and enjoyable; some are easier than others, but it gets more challenging as the game progresses – a few of the puzzles took a while to figure out, but it never felt frustrating
  • some of the puzzles seem to have more than one way you can solve them, and that is something that was nice to see
  • soundtrack is good, and it didn’t feel repetitive
  • the colours, and lightning are done very well, and the voxel-based environments are elegant (especially the vibrant red, and green)
  • some sound effects are a bit loud by default, but there’s a separate volume slider to adjust it, so it’s not a big deal
  • there’s no story or narrative (similar to how Q.U.B.E. was when it first launched)

Metamorphic doesn’t NEED a narrative, and the game is enjoyable, and worth playing without it. However, if a narrative ever got added in the future, I would absolutely play it again, just like I did with the Q.U.B.E. Director’s Cut version.


The game took me about 3 – 3.5 hours to complete, and like most linear puzzle games, there’s not much replay value once you finish it, unless you want to speedrun it. If you’ve enjoyed the gameplay in similar puzzle platformer games like Q.U.B.E. or Portal, you will most likely enjoy Metamorphic as well. It’s a solid puzzle game, and definitely worth playing.

Review copy was provided by the developer.