LiEat – Quick Game Review

LiEat – Quick Game Review
LiEat (PC [Reviewed])
Developer: △○□× (Miwashiba)
Publisher: AGM PLAYISM

LiEat is an excellent story rich game with great character development and multiple endings for each of the 3 parts. It’s well worth the purchase!

  • interesting and enjoyable story
  • really good character development
  • realistic character behaviours
  • multiple endings for each of the 3 parts
  • good developer support on Steam discussion
  • Steam Trading Cards
  • music sometimes had a pause when the tracks would loop
  • simple combat that doesn’t take much thought (expected though since this game is about the story)
  • potential to get ‘stuck’ if you rush the dialog and/or forget what you were supposed to do
  • the game is short if you rush through it, and you probably won’t enjoy it – I recommend taking your time to really absorb and appreciate the characters and the story

Overall, I enjoyed what this game has to offer, so I bought 2 copies on Steam to support the developer.