INSIDE – Quick Game Review

INSIDE – Quick Game Review
INSIDE (PC [Reviewed], XBO, PS4)
Developer: Playdead
Publisher: Playdead

INSIDE is an eerie atmospheric 2D puzzle platformer that plays very similar to LIMBO.

You play as a boy, and you are being hunted as you venture further into a giant research facility. The gameplay throughout INSIDE has a good amount of environmental puzzles that you need solve to progress. There are also parts where you need to be quick, or have good timing.

There isn’t always a clear indication of what you should do, so you will sometimes die through trial and error as you try to figure things out, but at least the checkpoints are fairly frequent. Actually, I recall dying a lot more when I played LIMBO, so the death toll in INSIDE wasn’t so bad at all. Swimming did feel a bit slow initially, but the speed made complete sense, and certainly helped to create some tense situations.

  • the story is definitely unique, interesting, and quite bizarre at times
  • the puzzle platforming aspects are done especially well, so the gameplay is very enjoyable
  • very nice environments; the dark atmosphere with sparse lighting creates a really ominous mood
  • character animations are absolutely fantastic, and it’s impressive how life-like the boy moves in almost every way
  • ambient sounds are done extremely well creating an eerie, and creepy atmosphere that really brings the game to life
  • there’s no replay value at all really, unless they add some achievements to it in the future UPDATED: Achievements have been added for some replay value.
  • some indifference/possible confusion/annoyance with the ending of the story
  • full playthrough takes less than 3.5 hours, which my be considered very short for the price tag

I strongly advise against watching too much gameplay footage, as spoiling the story could ruin some of the excitement that the game offers. If you enjoyed LIMBO, you will probably like INSIDE as well, so I definitely recommend playing INSIDE, but it is a bit expensive, so depending on how in a hurry you are to play it, you might want to wait for a sale.