[UPDATED] Hitman: Enter a World of Assassination (Episode 1-3) – Quick Game Review

[UPDATED] Hitman: Enter a World of Assassination (Episode 1-3) – Quick Game Review
Hitman: Enter a World of Assassination (PC [Reviewed], XBO, PS4)
Developer: Io-Interactive
Publisher: Square Enix

Written review has been UPDATED as of June 7, 2016 after playing episode 3 (and will be updated again once episode 4 releases). My YouTube review video is of only episode 1, but I will do a new video review once all 5 episodes are released.

Hitman: Enter a World of Assassination is a third person, stealth, assassination game. There is flexibility in how you play to accomplish your mission, but running in guns-blazing like an action shooter is probably not the most effective way.

In Hitman, you playing as Agent 47, and your objective is to kill any targets you’re assigned while minimizing collateral damage. You will find weapons, and tools that will help you, and allow you to kill your target in different ways. Unless you can find a clean shot, you will need to gain access to your target first. You can use distractions to lure people away, and subdue, or kill them. Then steal their clothing to disguise yourself and infiltrate their inner circles. You can also try to sneak passed using lock picks and crowbars, without using disguises, but if you get caught, you may be escorted out of the area for trespassing. You also want to avoid leaving bodies or weapons around, otherwise you may drawn suspicion. Some people can see through your disguise, so you have to be aware of their presence, and you can do this with your x-ray like ability that lets you see through things.

  • several options for gameplay, audio, and graphics settings
  • fully customizable controls and controller support
  • the gameplay was as expected with the use of weapons and disguises to infiltrate and kill your target in a variety of ways
  • the opportunities is a nice feature, but it also has the potential to make the game easier, so it might not be appreciated by everyone
  • the sound effects and voice dialog were well done
  • manual save slots as well as auto save slots are very helpful for doing the ‘perfect’ run
  • the story that you learn is still lacking content, and many of the details are still unknown; although it’s growing more intriguing, I still want MORE in terms of story
  • servers being down: only the main story is available in offline mode, everything else required you to stay online and connected to their servers (that aren’t always working)
  • if you drop from the server during any contract mission, you get kicked out of the mission completely, it’s frustrating
  • some issues causing you to drop the body when dragging it around doors or corners
  • some characters clipping through each other in more densely populated areas

Episode 1 was alright, but fairly short and simple. I enjoyed episode 2 the most so far because the map was larger, and I found it more challenging. Episode 3 was roughly on par with episode 1 as far as the difficulty.

The game also has a contract mode, which are different kill orders you can complete, but you play on the same levels from the tutorials and story mission. The contract targets are in different areas though, so you may have to alter your tactics to succeed. However, you can only access the contracts, and almost all the content outside of the main story line while you are ONLINE AND CONNECTED to the Hitman servers. If the server dies while you are on a contract mission, you get kicked out of it, and that was frustrating. However, I didn’t notice any connection issues while playing episode 2 or episode 3, but I am still not a fan of the online DRM.


If you’re interested in playing the game for it’s story campaign, I still I suggest waiting for ALL of the episodes to be released before even thinking about making a purchase. If you plan to do mostly contracts, compete for the high scores, and get achievements, then you might be able to get a bit more enjoyment out of the game as it is right now… That’s of course assuming their servers are working. Needless to say, I’m growing less disappointed in this purchase as more episodes release, but I’m still not convinced of the full price purchase. I will continue to update as the final two episodes release.