Hard Reset Redux – Quick Game Review

Hard Reset Redux – Quick Game Review
Hard Reset Redux (PC [Reviewed])
Developer: Flying Wild Hog
Publisher: Gambitious Digital Entertainment

Hard Reset Redux is an improved version of the fast-paced old-style FPS game Hard Reset.

The game is set in a dark cyberpunk world where you play as Major Fletcher to fight against the machines to protect the last of humanity. The story was told through comic strip style images, and voice dialog. The graphics in the Redux version are improved from the original, but it wasn’t such a significant upgrade that I was blown away by them. Much like the original, the music and sound effects were done well, and the voice acting wasn’t amazing, but it was decent. The story is the same as in the original; it was decently written, but as my second time playing the game, I was more focused on just killing stuff.

  • the new quick dash ability is THE best addition that was made to the game
  • cyber-katana is also a very good addition against certain types of enemies
  • fun, fast-paced combat, with a run and gun style using little to no cover while lots of enemies rush at you (plus lots of explosions!)
  • killing enemies and finding secrets earns currency that lets you buy weapon and character upgrades to better fit your playstyle
  • brief delay every time the game auto-saved
  • small delay when changing weapon modes (but it was easy to dash away to buy time)
  • some minor bugs where some objects behaved strangely when you would walk into things causing the objects to go flying
  • weird bug where I dashed down a flight of stairs, and I died for absolutely no reason – I had no idea what happened, but it only happened once ever

I played the game on normal mode since I remembered the original being very difficult in some parts, but the Redux version was a lot easier than the original was. The new quick dash move makes life so much easier to dodge enemies, and just create a little breathing room. For me, the next best thing was the new cyber-katana that was added. At first I thought it was terrible weapon, since I thought being in melee range would just get me killed, but against certain types of enemies, this sword is fantastic! I used it a lot more than I thought I would, and it was really fun to use.

There were two other weapon types, but each type you can upgrade into completely different gun modes. Most of the weapon types were very useful in different circumstances, but there were a few that I felt were mediocre at best, so I didn’t really use them.


If you’re expecting DOOM, Hard Reset Redux is not up to par, but it’s still a similar style of combat, and fun to play. The game took me about 5 hours to complete, and this was the second time I played through the campaign. The dash ability and katana was great additions to the game, and I enjoyed the Redux playthrough much more than the original. It was almost four years ago that I played the original Hard Reset, and I had gotten it for dirt cheap in a bundle. I liked the original back then, and wanted to play it again, so I had no problem spending three bucks on the Redux version; it was worth it to me.