Ghost of a Tale – Quick Game Preview (Early Access)

Ghost of a Tale – Quick Game Preview (Early Access)
Ghost of a Tale (PC [Reviewed])
Developer: SeithCG
Publisher: SeithCG

Ghost of a Tale is an action RPG adventure, with a strong focus on stealth and exploration. The game is currently in early access on Steam.

You play as a mouse named Tilo, in a world full of animals. You have been separated from your wife, and you must use your wits, and the help of others to make your way back to her.

The game has a heavy focus on exploration, and there are a lot of collectibles to find. Many of which will be required for different quests, but some others are optional. I especially like the different clothing items, and once you obtain the full set, you can disguise yourself to trick those around you.

Stealth makes up a large portion of the game as well. It’s nice that there is a very clear indication of how close you are to being seen or heard, and to tell whether or not you’re hidden. Stealthing around is enjoyable, but when you get found, you are still be able to escape and hide without too much difficulty. If you do happen to get hit by an enemy, there is plenty of food around to consume and heal back up.

  • exploration is enjoyable, and there are lots of collectibles to find
  • the stealth mechanics are simple to understand, yet effective at the same time, and those who love exploring and finding all the collectibles to enjoy themselves without stressing too much about being discovered
  • environments are absolutely gorgeous; the world is so beautiful, and extremely immersive
  • character design is fantastic – excellent attention to detail (Tilo is so adorable with his little tail and whiskers)
  • music and sound effects are done very well (part of me wishes there was some voice acting, but it makes more sense that there isn’t)
  • the text dialog between characters is written well, and the characters feel like they have their own personalities; the dialog is believable, and the conversations feel genuine
  • inventory management is minimal, and items are easy to swap out (the game would benefit from the addition of inventory hotkeys or quickslots though)
  • only 25-30% of the content compared to what is expected for full release is available, so the content is a bit lacking for the full price (as expected)
  • the more hard-core stealth fans will find the game too easy, and too forgiving – the game would definitely benefit from having more challenging difficulty settings available
  • some minor bugs that you can easily avoid, and a couple other more severe bugs that require reloading a save or restarting the game (which is a minor inconvenience)

I have played about 4.5 hours so far, and I have completed nearly all of the available quests, and found almost all of the collectible items. The game is fairly polished, but as expected in early access, there are some bugs that still need to be addressed. Some bugs are very minor, but there were a couple bugs where I needed to reload a save or restart the game. I’ve really enjoyed the game so far though, and I’m definitely looking forward to the full release of the game. Admittedly, the content is a bit lacking for the full price right now, but Ghost of a Tale is off to a fantastic start. If you’re interested in an adorable RPG adventure with stealth and exploration, and you’re interested in supporting the game as it develops, this is  certainly a game worth checking out.

Review copy was provided by the developer.