Fossil Echo – Quick Game Review

Fossil Echo – Quick Game Review
Fossil Echo (PC [Reviewed])
Developer: Awaceb
Publisher: Awaceb

Fossil Echo is a challenging, story driven platformer that often requires quick reflexes, and good timing.

You play as a boy on a quest to climb a massive tower. The story is short, but I was immediately interested in finding out what happened right after the first cutscene. After reaching the end of the story though, I did wish there was more. While the ending makes sense, it felt like I didn’t quite get the full closure that I was hoping for.

You can take your time on some of the levels, but others are highly dependent on speed and precision. You have no way to kill enemies face-to-face, but you can jump from a high enough distance to knock them out by landing on them. You can often avoid enemies completely if you time it well, but you can also get them to kill each other if you position yourself right.

  • soundtrack is absolutely fantastic; the music is beautiful, and really sets the mood for the game well
  • very story driven, the game tells a compelling story without ever speaking a word
  • various forms of platforming throughout the game to keep the levels fresh (some stealth mechanics, some fast paced, and others requiring good timing)
  • character animations in the cutscenes are fairly simple, but still very cute
  • art style of the environments throughout the game is excellent, and are visually appealing, and full of colour
  • good replay value for those in search of secrets, or who like to speedrun
  • story is short
  • while this isn’t a con for everyone, it is for some: enemies that one-shot you, so prepare to die a good amount! (also, levels are short, with a check point, so the game is forgiving in that sense)

I played through the game three times in around 5 hours. After my first playthrough, I realized I missed all the optional levels, so I wanted to go back and play it again. Then I went back to play it a third time to see if I could find more secrets. I was able to find some secrets, but there were still so many secrets that I missed, so there’s definitely replay value if you want to search for secrets, or speedrun the levels. I also recommend playing the optional levels, as they are the most challenging levels, and will really put your platforming skills to the test. I died a lot on those levels, but once I finally beat them all, if certainly felt like an accomplishment.


If you’re only interested in experiencing the story, it is a good one, but it is short, so I’d suggest waiting for a sale price. However, if you’re a fan of searching for secrets, and trying to speedrun challenging platformer levels, then Fossil Echo may be right up your alley.

Review copy was provided by the developer.