Firewatch – Quick Game Review

Firewatch – Quick Game Review
Firewatch (PC [Reviewed], XBO, PS4)
Developer: Campo Santo
Publisher: Panic Inc., Campo Santo

Firewatch is a beautiful atmospheric adventure that has some mystery elements, and plays like a walking simulator with amazing dialog.

In Firewatch, you play as Henry, and you are looking for an isolated escape from your regular life. You spend a lot of time hiking, and climbing through the terrain to complete your objectives. You can explore different areas, and interact with different objects. With just your backpack and a few items, you are practically alone in nature, and the only other person you have to talk with is on the other end of a walkie-talkie. While talking on the walkie-talkie, you will have a finite time to reply, and sometimes have different choices in dialog selection. Different dialog selections prompt different responses, but none of which will impact the outcome of the game.

The story is a linear. The dialog and circumstances throughout the game are very realistic and believable. There are some mysteries in the story as well, and it added a nice touch on the game overall.

  • the controls are fully customizable, and the game has full controller support
  • immersive and beautiful graphics – nature is absolutely stunning, and everything feels so alive with the grass and trees moving and swaying in the wind
  • background music, and ambience sounds of nature are really well done
  • believable characters with dialog and voice acting that are incredible
  • the story is too short for the price tag
  • the ending was done well, but I have mixed feelings about how it ended (it was what I expected would happen, but not what I wanted to see happen)

The game took me just under 4 hours to complete. After I finished it, I went back and played it again to experience the different dialog choices, but other than hearing a few new lines here and there, there wasn’t any other reason to replay it. I really liked the game, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys an immersive experience with really great voice dialog. It was a wonderful game, but the price is too high for how short it is, so I would advise picking it up at a sale price.