Event[0] – Quick Game Review

Event[0] – Quick Game Review
Event[0] – Quick Game Review (PC [Reviewed])
Developer: Ocelot Society
Publisher: Ocelot Society

Event[0] is a short first person space adventure, that plays like a walking simulator with some puzzles and exploration.

Immediately, you find yourself stranded in space, and you encounter a spaceship controlled by an AI. You work with the AI in hopes of finding a way back to Earth. The gameplay at its core is a walking simulator, with some parts being out in space. There are puzzles you have to solve to progress, and some of the puzzles had me a bit confused but the AI really holds your hand and guides you through it if you get stuck.

You’ll spend a lot of time interacting with the AI using the computer terminals all over the ship. The AI opens doors for you, gives you access to the ship’s logs, and even hints about what your next step should be. At times, the AI was giving me useless or irrelevant replies, but then other times it was responding to me similar to how I would expect an actual person to respond. How you talk to the AI is supposed to influence which ending you get, but I think you need to be consistent with how you treat it throughout the playthrough. I spent the first part of the game being mean, and swearing at the AI, but then I started saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you,’ and the AI started to be kind and polite back to me.

  • excellent concept of there being open conversations with the AI
  • it’s pretty neat how the AI treats you differently depending on what you typed to it, and communicating with the AI is the most enjoyable part of the game
  • multiple endings, and those who enjoy the game might want to replay it taking a different approach to communicating with the AI
  • intriguing story, but to get the most out of it, you’ll want to take your time to read all the log files, and explore (the exploration is alright, but there aren’t a whole lot of of areas to explore)
  • graphics look really good
  • sound effects are decent
  • as expected, the AI is limited, and even though you can say anything you want to the AI, the AI won’t always understand what you’re saying, and doesn’t always reply appropriately
  • the voice for the AI is extremely irritating, and because there is a lot of dialog with the AI, it takes away from the overall enjoyment of the game (I wish they had used a more human-like voice)
  • music is usually the same song being repeated, so it gets a bit annoying by the end.
  • very short game for the price (my first playthrough took me just over 2 hours) – I would liked to have seen the different endings, but frankly, I just didn’t like the game enough to want to replay it

The game is too expensive for how short it is, and even if you replay it for the different endings, most of the gameplay will be the exact same. What drew me to Event[0] in the first place was the communication with the AI; it was interesting, and at times entertaining to see the replies, but the AI has plenty of room for improvement. I admire what the game’s trying to accomplish, but in the end though, I just didn’t enjoy the game anywhere near as much as I thought I would.