Enter the Gungeon – Quick Game Review

Enter the Gungeon – Quick Game Review
Enter the Gungeon (PC [Reviewed])
Developer: Dodge Roll
Publisher: Devolver Digital

Enter the Gungeon is a well-made and insanely addictive roguelite bullet hell dungeon crawler. It’s a must have for fans of the genre!

Enter the Gungeon has a solo mode and a 2 player local co-op mode. There are 4 different main characters you can play in solo mode. Each character has its own set of weapons, abilities, and passives. The base health for all characters is 3, every time you take damage, you lose half a health. You can roll dodge to jump over bullets, and other things, and avoid damage completely. You can also flip tables that will block bullets until they get destroyed.

After the tutorial, you head into the first chamber of the Gungeon, all chambers are randomly generated, but each chamber will have a store with randomly stocked supplies, and a random boss. Each time you enter a new room, the doors close behind you, and they won’t reopen until you kill all the enemies. You have to dodge, and avoid all the incoming bullets, while making use of cover, until you finish clearing the room to move on.

There will sometimes be treasure chests containing guns, or other items, but you will need keys to open them. You also have a shoot blanks ability that you start off each chamber with 2 charges of, but you can often find and buy more. Activating the blank with destroy all bullets on screen and prevent the enemies from shooting for a short period of time – these blanks are a huge life saver!

Once you find and defeat the boss in the chamber, you can descend to the next chamber. If you die, you lose, and you have to completely restart the Gungeon chambers. However, there is an elevator that you can unlock to teleport to other chambers by providing the required items AND mastering the previous chamber’s boss. It is really hard to master the previous chamber’s boss. You have to beat the boss without taking a single hit of damage, that means no hits to your health OR to your armor. When you use the elevator to skip to a certain chamber, you start with the same default starting items as if you were starting in the first chamber.

Each character has 1 default weapon that has infinite ammo, but all of the other weapons have limited ammo, and will need to have ammo replenished. There are also items that each have their own passive or activated abilities. Passive abilities can stack, but you can only have one activated ability at a time, and the abilities seem like they recharged as you deal damage to enemies. You can find these items randomly in chests, or sometimes in the store. In the store, there is sometimes a vendor to sell items, that spawn is also random. You can buy things from the store with the currency you obtain from killing enemies, and clearing rooms.

  • controls are fully customizable and full controller support (except some issues with Steam controller)
  • really nice quality pixel graphics
  • audio sounded good and was fitting for the gameplay, I never felt the need to lower the music or sound effects volume
  • you can teleport from anywhere to teleporters within the chambers – these are very helpful, and save a lot of time by not having to backtrack
  • lots of secret rooms to find, and NPCs to rescue, as well as tons of different weapons you can discover, with different abilities suited to different play styles
  • TONS of replay value (It’s extremely addicting to play, and there is so much you can find and collect if you want.)
  • issues with using the Steam controller – it doesn’t work by default and you have to set up configs for it to work properly
  • player 2 in local co-op mode is forced to play the special co-op only character
  • the Gungeon has 5 chambers, but most players probably won’t get to experience the later chambers without committing a significant amount of time to playing the game (I’ve played for over 19 hours, and STILL haven’t beat the third chamber yet.)
  • the vendor to sell items in the store isn’t always there

I enjoy dungeon crawlers, but normally, I don’t play many bullet hell games, but Enter the Gungeon has been so awesome. I was immediately impressed with the game, and found myself completely hooked. I couldn’t believe how addicting it was. Even though I usually died in the 2nd chamber, I never found myself getting frustrated with the game. I never felt like my deaths were unfair, but it was usually me being stupid and walking into bullets, or forgetting to use my blanks that killed me. I would just quick start again, only to realize hours had passed, and I forgot to eat. It’s a really enjoyable game, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes a good dungeon crawler/bullet hell game.