Drip Drip – Quick Game Review

Drip Drip – Quick Game Review
Drip Drip (PC [Reviewed])
Developer: Thomas Konkol
Publisher: Thomas Konkol

If Fantasia and Fix-It Felix, Jr. had a baby, Drip Drip would be it. You must manage your resources and weather the storm in this casual strategy game.

Each of the 24 missions lasts a predetermined amount of time. The objective is to last the full duration of the storm without the basement flooding or the building collapsing from water damage. You buy different tools and containers with your money to catch all the drips, and then you dump the containers out the open windows to earn more money. Random events can occur that must be dealt with immediately, or they can destroy your tools and cause damage. The storm also varies in intensity which gives you some calm periods to recuperate from any damage that may have occurred.

  • multiple tools and containers [with cuteness] at your disposal that level up as you use them to gain improved abilities
  • requires multitasking since everything is happening in real time
  • random leaks, ghosts, UFOs, and other things happen to keep you on your toes
  • 3 difficulty settings available
  • sound effects were done well – I loved the storm sounds
  • can’t change difficulty in between missions unless you restart the campaign
  • no keyboard hotkeys to quickly buy items (like other RTS games)
  • started feeling repetitive about halfway through
  • not much replayability unless you want achievements

I completed the game in about 3-3.5 hours on medium difficulty. I thought the characters were cute, and I liked the gameplay a lot at first, but it felt repetitive later on. So, I tried to up the difficulty to increase the excitement, but I couldn’t change it without starting over completely. Overall, it was a well made game, and it accomplished what it set out to do. It’s worth playing if you enjoy games with real time disaster prevention, and resource management, but with the lack of replay value, wait for a sale price.