DOOM – Quick Game Review (Campaign)

DOOM – Quick Game Review (Campaign)
DOOM (PC [Reviewed], XBO, PS4)
Developer: id Software
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks

DOOM is a super gory, fast paced action FPS that has an excellent single player campaign, as well as multiplayer.

I expected  DOOM to be all about the combat, with little to no story. I was very surprised that the story had so much more depth to it than I had anticipated. 

As you progress through the campaign, you find several different weapons, and almost all of them are badass. On top of some already awesome weapons, you can also find weapon mods for each one to upgrade how you want. I found the plasma gun stun mod especially helpful for keeping demons off of my face, and the chainsaw and BFG are crazy fun to use. You will need to switch up your weapons as you run out of different ammo types, and  you will also want to mix in melee finishers as well.

When demons get low on health they stagger for a short period, and when you see it, if you quickly get into range, you can perform a melee execute called a glory kill. The glory kill animations are bloody as hell, and it’s incredibly awesome each and every time. I haven’t been this satisfied ripping things apart since I played The Darkness II. The kill animations are short, and quick, so I never got sick of seeing them, unlike how bored the slow motion kill shots in the Fallout series got after the first few. Performing glory kills also awards bonus health drops, allowing you stay in the fight longer.

The boss fights each had scripted phases with unique mechanics. Bosses did a lot of damage if you failed to react properly, but once you learned the patterns, the fights were much easier. I really enjoyed the boss fights, It was nice to only have to focus on one enemy for a little bit instead of a whole bunch of them chasing after you.

  • ‘run and gun’ playstyle is very enjoyable, and the combat is really fun and intense – keep moving, running, jumping, climbing, and fend off the hordes of demons spawning all around you!
  • level designs are done very well, and running and gunning feels very fluid jumping from one place to another while fighting
  • overall graphics look great (but they aren’t perfect)
  • amazing soundtrack throughout the entire game; it made the encounters feel like such a rush
  • voice acting, and other sound effects were on point as well
  • good story campaign, and there was a lot more to it than just killing demons (but I wasn’t too thrilled by the ending)
  • several badass different weapons that you can mod, and upgrade how you want
  • good quick melee executions (glory kills) that are very satisfying
  • several secrets, various weapons, mods, and upgrade items hidden around each of the levels (and a map to help you find them, once you find the map data)
  • some minor texture issues, but the game is so fast paced, that many people might not even notice
  • expensive season pass if you want to have everything when it first becomes available

You also find power-ups that can give different temporary combat bonuses, such as extra damage, speed, berserk, and invulnerability. You know you’re about to get slammed by demons when you enter a room fully stocked with health, ammo, armor, and power-ups.

I can see some people wanting to replay on the hardest difficult and for achievements, but I don’t feel the need to play again. Multiplayer mode may have a good amount of replay value, but I’m not a big fan of arena or deathmatch, and after seeing the really expensive season pass that was put out after release, so I don’t think I will bother playing multiplayer.


The campaign took me roughly 11.5 hours on normal mode to complete. The game was really fun, and it was an enjoyable campaign, but I feel like everything was too well lit to be scared, so I don’t really think of it as a horror game. I bought DOOM at 25% off, and I was thoroughly entertained for the entire time I played it. I have no regrets with this purchase. I highly recommend this one to any fast paced FPS fans out there.