Broken Dreams – Quick Game Review

Broken Dreams – Quick Game Review
Broken Dreams (PC [Reviewed])
Developer: Mihai Morosanu
Publisher: New Reality Games

Broken Dreams is a casual platformer with some minor puzzle aspects. By moving around and copying yourself, you must find your way through the levels.

You move around, and then make a shadow of yourself as you return to the starting location. Your shadow carries out the actions you made. You can repeat many times and use your shadows to complete the levels.

  • Steam Trading Cards
  • Music was pleasant
  • Good concept with the shadows (reminded me a little of Braid)
  • Simple, casual gameplay if you’re looking for something quick
  • Voice acting was irritating and over-done
  • Short (but for the cost this was expected)
  • Mediocre story

Overall, I did enjoy the gameplay, but wish it had been longer. The voice acting was the most annoying part for me to experience. But after buying the game on sale, and selling the trading cards, it only cost me about $0.30, I feel I got my money’s worth.