Asemblance – Quick Game Review

Asemblance – Quick Game Review
Asemblance (PC [Reviewed], PS4)
Developer: Nilo Studios
Publisher: Nilo Studios

Asemblance is a first-person, psychological thriller that uses environmental puzzles to progress through the story.

The game takes place inside of a memory simulating machine, and you have no recollection about why you entered or how to get out. The experience is a bit of a mind bending one; I really like the concept of the memory machine, and having to learn about things with no idea of what is really going on. The gameplay is mostly walking around, zooming in on objects, reading documents for more information, and searching for your next objective. 

  • the environments look great
  • the story is intriguing, and you will likely want to know more
  • good soundtrack overall that fits the game nicely
  • the voice dialog throughout the game is done well, and provides some hints (sometimes vague though)
  • solid concept with the memory machine, and the 5 different endings tell you more about the story
  • the entire game only takes place in a few small areas, and you have to perform the proper sequence of events in these areas to trigger each ending – it gets tedious
  • minor issue where there are sometimes long pauses with no music before the audio loops again, and other times there is only white noise sounds instead of any music at all
  • you will spend a lot of time zooming in on objects, hoping you find something to help point you in the right direction – this game requires you to have a lot of patience while you try to figure things out
  • the dialog also gets repetitive if you get stuck (which I expect most people will be at some point in the game)
  • despite the intriguing story, it does lack excitement when you aren’t sure how to progress, and many people will likely grow bored, and not bother finding some of the endings

I managed to discover 4 of the endings, but I feel that the game lacks excitement. The 5th ending requires VERY precise timing, so you will need a stop watch or something similar (see discussion). The thing that kept me playing wasn’t so much of the game making me want to keep playing, but rather me, not wanting to let myself down by failing to find everything. I have tried to find the last ending, but it’s been over 6.5 hours of playing, and searching in the same few areas; I just feel so bored, and I don’t have any real urge to want to continue playing. 


I’m sure some very patient people looking for a slow-paced sci-fi game will enjoy Asemblance, and maybe the final fifth ending will be mind-blowing. Who knows? But for as much as I was hoping to enjoy the game, unfortunately, it’s been more of a drag to get through all the slow parts where I’m just searching the same areas over, and over again. It’s not a bad game, but it’s not as appealing as I had hoped.