Albert and Otto: The Adventure Begins – Quick Game Review

Albert and Otto: The Adventure Begins – Quick Game Review
Albert and Otto: The Adventure Begins (PC [Reviewed])
Developer: KBros Games
Publisher: KBros Games

Albert and Otto: The Adventure Begins is a dark puzzle platformer that reminds me of Limbo with it’s graphics style, and linear story line.

You play as Albert. You are armed with a gun, and a stuffed rabbit, named Otto. While Otto is on you, you have special abilities like levitate, double jump, and a shock. You can also place Otto down, and use the abilities remotely to help solve your way through the levels. Both Albert and Otto must survive and stay together to progress.

  • good puzzle aspects with having to place and use Otto’s abilities
  • the background music and sound effects were enjoyable and fit well with the atmosphere of the game
  • keybindings and resolution options are available in pre-launch menu, as well as controller support
  • the colour style with black and white, with the red splashes works really well, both simple and elegant
  • monsters and boss fights bring extra excitement and challenges to the game
  • the story was told through child’s drawings, and it wasn’t as clear as it could have been (some animation would have been more effective)
  • physics sometimes makes objects you’re levitating bounce around too much, and then go flying
  • lots of deaths if you aren’t good at timing your moves (especially on boss fights)

I prefer the puzzle aspects over the timing platformer type of gameplay, but it was still an enjoyable game, and a great start to the series. I died quite a bit on a few levels, so the game took me about 3 hours to complete, but I can’t see replaying it unless you want achievements. I will definitely pick up, and play the next game in the series when it becomes available.