ADR1FT – Quick Game Review

ADR1FT – Quick Game Review
ADR1FT (PC [Reviewed], XBO, PS4, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, OSVR)
Publisher: 505 Games

ADR1FT is an atmospheric space walking simulator where you are stranded in space, and must find a way to survive and get back home.

The game is meant to be played using VR, but VIVE is not available yet, so I played without using VR. The game focuses a lot on having a stunning environment. The inside of the stations are very nice looking. I love the beads of water just floating around inside, it looks so neat. The visuals are absolutely beautiful outside of the station, and everything looks so pretty.

The game plays like a walking simulator, except, it’s in space. The zero gravity requires you to move in all directions to keep yourself from bumping into things. If you bump into anything, your helmet becomes cracked, and if you bump into things too often, it will start leaking oxygen at a faster rate. If you run out of oxygen, you suffocate and die. I like the idea of the suit becoming damaged because it forces you to maneuver yourself more accurately, but I wish they had made it so that it takes your velocity, and the location of impact into account. It makes no sense that my helmet becomes cracked if I slowly descend, and bump my feet.

As you use your thrusters to move around, you will consume your oxygen faster, so you have to grab fresh oxygen canisters or refill at an oxygen station. When you are floating from one part of the station to another, oxygen is consumed faster out in the open. I like that there is some importance in getting new oxygen, but the canisters are so plentiful, as long as you don’t spam your thrusters, it doesn’t usually become an issue.

  • some VR capability, and full controller support
  • gorgeous graphics, and a very beautiful, immersive environment (this is the main focus of the game, and the main reason to play it, and they did a fantastic job with it)
  • voice acting in the audio logs, and ambience sounds are well done
  • a separate game mode that unlocks after you complete the main story, where your oxygen doesn’t deplete, so you can take all the time you want to explore and enjoy the graphics
  • VIVE support won’t be available until May 2016
  • controls are not customizable (most people will be fine with the defaults) movement feels a bit awkward in small areas when trying to grab items
  • horrible music in many parts of the game that actually take away from the immersive experience (you will want to turn this down or mute it completely)
  • really annoying beeping sounds when you are outside the station and losing oxygen faster (even if you have full oxygen, it beeps the whole damn time you’re outside)
  • story was bland – basically, you are stranded in space, you have to fix things, and try to get home
  • lack of connection to the characters
  • helmet cracks when ANY part of you hits things, even at super slow speeds
  • map indicators aren’t always clear about which way to go to get to the objective

I would have liked more backstory via audio and video log files. In a world so beautiful and immersive, I found it really hard make a connection with any of the characters. I didn’t learn enough to care about the crew or even the character that I was playing – she never speaks or reacts to any of the information I discover, so why should I care if even the character I’m playing doesn’t seem to?

The main story took me just over 5 hours, but it would have been shorter if I didn’t get stuck. The map indicators were telling me where the objective was, but not how to get there, so I got lost outside, and didn’t know how to get back in.


I can’t see wanting to replay the main story, but ADR1FT does have a bunch of achievements for finding various items, and with the infinite oxygen mode, I will be playing the game again when the VIVE is compatible to explore more and check out the beautiful environment in VR.

The game is too short for the cost. Even though it was such a beautiful game, with the lack of connection to the characters, and the dull story, I would suggest waiting for a decent sale.